Saturday, 24 January 2015

Hanging out around the Castle...

Well I am slowly going to add our Mexico photos. These are a few just hanging around our Castle and at the amazing beach that was right down the path from our place. It was nice to have chill days playing games, swimming in the freezing pool, collecting shells, reading, and napping with the kids on that amazing red couch.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mud Kitchen

We received an email from Elijah's teacher informing us that they were going to do 'Mud Kitchen' this week so be prepared to take home a very muddy child. She delivered on her promise! Elijah had a blast making "chocolate and blueberry mud muffins." After filling the muffin tins he told everyone "Now we have to put it in the oven." The teacher asked him, "How will we know when it is done?" Elijah responded, "We have to set the timer!" Sure enough, awhile later (and after he and the other kids put some frosting on top) the muffins were ready. After story time and snacks Elijah started an activity by suggesting that all the kids build a house in the forest out of sticks. The teacher told them about lean-to's and away they went. After they had built the main part of the house, Elijah was adamant that they also build a potty. The last picture was taken just outside of the forest. Dan was telling Elijah that it was time to go home to which he cheerfully replied "No thanks Dad!"

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Gavin's 1st Birthday Party!!

Enjoy Gavin's First Birthday Song... from Juli on Vimeo.

We had a fabulous evening celebrating Gavin's Birthday! It was so wonderful to see all of our friends,  and especially wonderful that our friend Thomas was in town. Gavin loved the big crowd and was so incredibly happy all night. Dan made wonderful brioche buns with pulled pork and the most amazing Tres Leche cake- seriously so good. Gavin even snuck a handful of whip cream when we were serving nom nom.
It is so crazy that a year has passed, it seems like yesterday that we were all squeezed into our little yellow bathtub admiring our brand new babe. Seeing that big dimple only minutes after you were born. You have brought us so much happiness.
We love you. Happy Day of Birth.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Arriving in Majahua.

Before we left for the Mexico I was at Whole Foods buying cedar oil. The lady who was helping me was curious as to what I would be using it for. I told her that I read that it helps keep scorpions away-- to which she responded "And where are you going for the holidays?" Good question...I am not sure we really knew either, which was evident a few days later when our taxi passed the cute surf town we thought we were staying in... and proceeded to go past another tiny town...and still was now dark traveling with five kids, the road was not really even a road anymore, more like a gathering of potholes. At one point we crossed a stream, the stream we would later somehow grow to love: that Clara would wade through in her glittery gold sandals, Eli would want to jump out of the stroller to cross it, Nate would happily stay in the back of the stroller as Dan or Papa would precariously push it through. Anyways I digress.
We finally arrived at our place and it was  quickly dubbed as "The Castle". The kids were bursting with excitement as they explored the grand staircases, the pool in our living room, and all the beautiful folded swans on our beds. Clara quickly claimed the room with the best swan- and we made our way to our room. The other it turns out was the one with a scorpion on the wall. No worries, by the end of the trip my husband became the regular scorpion slayer and my sister rescued me by setting up a tent on my bed. Anyways, all was redemed by morning, we woke up in paradise, with a view so spectacular you could not even imagine. As we had no walls, only a net, we could watch the sun rise and set from our dining table. The stars were so brilliant. Well, there we were in the jungle at the top of the canopy in a castle, all nine of us. And by the way cedar oil doesn't really work.