Sunday, 15 April 2012

Nine Months and Counting...

Elijah is now Nine Months old! It has been a busy month for us as a family, we are moving to a new house going to Calgary and Dan had three final papers due. Yikes. But we have all our ducks in row, our stuff is moved our suitcases are packed, house is clean, and Dan has finished his papers!! Elijah of course did not mind all the chaos he loved the new boxes to climb on and all the things to un-pack.
He also tried some new foods this month that he loved, first and foremost Blueberries were the biggest hit yet, and he also enjoyed green lentils. He was on a role with the solids, until he felt a bit under the weather the past few days and he is on a strict breast milk only diet...of course that was all his idea. .

He also discovered that drinking water from a cup is so much fun, even if most of it spills all over the place. I love the way he grips the cup with all his might.
Our little man has grown a fine new top tooth on the left side, this one seemed a bit harder on him than the bottom two. He of course needs to test them out regularly with some nice hard bites, I can hardly complain being a biter myself. What? Was I supposed to outgrow that?
 As a side note, this month I had my first night out and Elijah stayed home with Daddy. My friend invited me to the Canucks game, she had box seats with a wonderful dinner and dessert service! I did not call home once, and had a blast! Oh and the Canucks won. Dan was a tad jealous that I am not a Hockey fan, but I brought him home some cream puffs so he was fine...and so was Elijah.
Elijah also had a brief period of pulling himself up to standing, letting go and free falling instead of his nice controlled let downs. Oh man. I am glad that this passed. Now he can stand on his own! It is only for a few seconds but we are excited none the less.
Elijah also loves to nap outside, be outside, anything outside and he is happy. He runs his little hand across the bushes as we walk and I always make sure to stop and let him smell the glorious flowers that are everywhere.
Oh and Elijah is just started to wave. Can he get any cuter? He can with his golden locks that seem longer each morning. I enjoy brushing it, because I have never had that luxury with my own hair. How did Dan and I produce a silky feather soft haired boy from our fuzz?
Well off to Calgary on Tuesday and when we get back we have our new place to move into...ekkk! So excited! It may be a tad rough living five blocks from the ocean, but I am willing to sacrifice.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012