Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Tra la la.
Makes me so happy.
But I make such a mess!
Tra la la.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Be Mine

Happy Love Day!
What a perfect day it was! It started with heart shaped waffles and pomegranate. After Dan surprised us with a trip to Robson Square to go ice skating, the rink was decked out with fancy lights and fun Valentines decorations. Elijah LOVED his helmet and thoroughly enjoyed watching the Zamboni. I adored watching Dan skate around with Eli, actually I love how my husband can skate so well, it is something I never knew he could do. So darn cute.
Eli started to get sleepy so we put him in the stroller and pushed it around the rink, we actually loaned him out to a lady who was learning to skate...she pushed around the stroller to help with her balance and we had some time to hold hands and skate to the cheesy music together. Speaking of cheese, we made our way up to the Mamas Grilled Cheese food truck for lunch- Havarti on multigrain with a side of pickles, chips, and hot sauce. I highly recommend. Oh and what would skating be without a hot chocolate? We stoped at a fancy pants cafe and had the best hot chocolate ever! Actually a 'haute chocolate', part of the hot chocolate festival...pure melted chocolate infused with rose, frothy milk and a chai spice marshmellow.
I love love love my boys.