Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Happy Halloween!!

Before moving to France I heard that Halloween was not really celebrated here, and that there was no trick-or-treating! What?! Halloween is probably my favourite holiday, so naturally I was a bit bummed. As Halloween grew nearer, I did not plan costumes or activities, prepared to (gasp) forget it all together. But as I was out and about I noticed advertisements for Halloween parties posted on shop windows. So I looked into it and there was plenty of festivities to choose from. Okay so we had to drive to Germany to buy a big pumpkin to carve, and I had to pull together some last minute costumes but all in all it was easy peasy. Elijah wanted to be a tiger, and Gavin wanted to dress up like his stuffed moose. On Halloween day we ventured to another region in France to go to a big animal park. It was amazing!! The animals were not in cages, and you could either walk right into their inclosure or view them from above on walkways. After visiting Lemur island and exploring the wolf loop we continued on to the barefoot walk, where you could walk across various rocks, stones, mud, wooden planks, through water and also a place where you try to tie knots with your feet like monkeys. The kids thought it was fantastic!! At dusk the park held a big Halloween show with dancers, drummers, fire eaters, hoop dancers and jugglers. Gavin sat in silence through the entire performance at the end he looked up at me "Why show over? My want longer!" Then the actors invited everyone up to dance and Elijah was so thrilled, I just love his excited face. After a long ride home we had a very late dinner of festive pasta and Halloween shaped chicken nuggets...oh and for dessert the neighbour brought up an apple cake shaped like a haunted house. We had a great day and I was so thankful for the warm autumn sun so we could spend the entire day outside. Halloween without candy? Who knew that was possible!! Happy Halloween!!