Tuesday, 13 December 2011

¡Bienvenido a Mexico!

We have arrived in beautiful Cabo San Lucas!
We took Elijah swimming for the first time, and he loved it!

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Pa rum pum pum pum

When ever I see a Carousel  I imagine the horses magically jumping off like they do in Mary Poppins...I am excited for the day that Elijah is tall enough to ride!

A Baked apple filled with walnuts, brown sugar, raisins and butter, topped of with vanilla sauce. Yum.


Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Buddha Baby

I love that this is what I see when I look out the kitchen window. I sometimes think it does not look real -a backdrop- set up for our small basement suite. I smile and I am thankful for everything.

Elijah graced me with his first yoga pose -Ananda Balasana- aptly named Happy Baby.

Om Shanti

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Winter Wander

Today Elijah and I made our way down Vanier Park for the "Winter" Wander event (I put winter in quotation fingers because...as if this is winter). We had a lovely day exploring, it was only $5 to enter all of the centers in this enormous park.
We started at the Museum of Vancouver...

Elijah sampled some Bhangra music and I suspect that he thoroughly enjoyed it.

The second exhibit was entitled 'Ugly Vancouver' and had a great display of neon signs, Elijah was a tad overstimulated during this jaunt and promptly cried and fell asleep.

He awoke to some live classical music at the Vancouver Academy of Music. So beautiful. We continued our wander to the Maritime Museum, and passed some boats on our way, how fitting.

Next stop was the Vancouver Archives, it was fascinating to thumb through old photographs of Vancouver. On my way out I am confronted with a gourmet grilled cheese sandwich food truck, and I am starving. They only accept cash and I cannot go to the ATM as I realized I have misplaced my debit card. I managed to scrounge up $3 for the no fills grilled cheese by digging deep in every pocket of my diaper bag and jacket. She asks if I would like a drink -I explain my story- and she said "here is an organic lemonade on the house" I love random acts of kindness!
Okay now we have enough fuel to go to the Space Center...

where we watched a very cool fire show that involved blow torches, various chemicals, amazing colored flames and a pretty scientist in a lab coat. Elijah decided to vocalize though the whole show to show his appreciation.
I would have to say this is one of our first outings that Elijah stayed awake for (minus a few naps here and there). We are looking forward to Daddy finishing his epic amounts of papers...so he can join us on our adventures, because it is really not the same without him.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Saturday, 26 November 2011

My beautiful boy!

I love how Elijah wakes up in the morning and flaps his arm like a little bird...saying Dad get up!

I love that a lady on the street told me that I have a very proportionate baby...what does that even mean?!

I love his perfect eyebrows and his crazy hat hair!

I love his proud look when he finds his thumb

I love his double 'milk' chin

I love his great fashion sense

I love this video filled with giggles and his insanely long tongue...

Note: if you get my blog via email updates apparently you cannot see the video's so visit the blog to see them!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Film strip...

Elijah loves
Sign language class
Diaper free time and
French Cafe's

Friday, 18 November 2011

Ta da!

Snow in Vancouver? What fun! I woke up this morning a little too excited and started singing...
-la la la la- It's starting to look a lot like Christmas -la la la la-

Oh and we must not forget our "Ta da!" moment...

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Four months and counting...

Elijah is now four months old! He is weighing in at 17 lbs and 13oz (with clothes and diaper) and is 64cm long. Everyone told me that we would see a big change at four months, but I did not expect it to happen so suddenly. Our little man can now play with and grasp toys, it is so cute to watch him throw plastic rings across the table and shove his squeaky toys in his mouth. He is getting fairly drooly now, and enjoys his night time routine of drenching our shoulder as we rock him to sleep.

Elijah had his first visit to the doctor (as we were seeing the midwifes before), and we totally lucked out with an AMAZING doctor. She is a recent graduate at the UBC clinic and is doing her practicum, she spent over an hour with us, answered my plethora of questions, and really gave Elijah a proper checkup. She did ask us of Elijah was rolling over yet...hmmm "no not yet " I replied. I thought to myself...that must be a milestone for his age or she would not have asked, I also had that dumb mom moment of...why can he not roll over yet?! So we came home and I put him down on his tummy on a blanket and explained to him that cousin Clara did everything early so he better hurry up and roll. Dan started to work at the computer and I stared to chat with my sister on gmail...and we turned around and Elijah was on his back. Apparently he rolled for the first time and we both missed it! Oh man!! So we put him on his tummy again and he graced us with a three part roll, belly- to side -to back. Yeah! Oh and we cannot forget that he also laughed on his own accord (without us making silly faces, sounds, or our usual laugh invoking antics). I was ripping packing tape off a cardboard box and it was making a terrible noise and I was get frustrated and well Elijah laughed at me! He apparently thought it was quite amusing. We are proud of you little man.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Calgary Trip

We had a great trip to Calgary! I was so excited to meet baby Nathaniel...he is so very handsome, and will be romantically tall someday. Oh and he has the softest little cheeks around! I miss his grunts already!

My sister planned a fun Halloween trip to Butterfield Acres for us all when we arrived. We went on a wagon ride in search of some pumpkins to decorate. Clara was great at finding them and Elijah even got his very own pumpkin! What fun!

The next day was Halloween! We decided that we would all go trick-or-treating around Renfrew, it was fairly epic getting three wee ones in costumes, but it was a ton of fun. I loved Clara's creative take on combining her costumes.

Turtle princess Clara

It was a great first Halloween for Elijah and Nathaniel! Well Eli did poop through his costume in the end, Reid had to go home to take dinner out of the oven, Clara was so excited she exhausted herself and Jen decided not to bring the carrier for Nathaniel (because we had to show off the little bear cub)...and had to carry both of them home. I love these wonderful moments of Chaos.

We spent the next few days visiting and relaxing at home. Clara was so excited to hold Elijah, smother him in kisses, try to share her carrots with him, bounce him vigorously in his bouncy chair, and apologize profusely to him for breaking the orange crayon "sorsy baby, I broke the crayon, so sosry baby". Elijah loved all attention and seems a little less jolly without her around.

We had a lovely gathering with Papa's side of the family to celebrate Nathaniel. We had a great spread of food...I even made Toblerone dipped strawberries...mmmm.

It was great to see baby Barrett too! My cousin Carrie dubbed them as "the three amigos", It is amazing to think we all have baby boys that are basically the same age. They are going to have a blast together! They were all hanging out on the couch...looking like baby bats hanging upside down.

We had such a great time. A big thanks to my Sister and Reid for letting me stay with them even though Nathaniel was so new...it meant a lot to me.