Saturday, 15 December 2012

Sixteen going on Seventeen...

Elijah is now sixteen months old! Well he was quite a few weeks ago, but I had some issues with the blog site so now this is a "sixteen going on seventeen" post. Elijah has grown so much and in so many ways.  His walking has progressed to a run and he is all over the place! He has also perfected backward walking and side stepping.

He has a new group of favourite foods, he love Zia's roast chicken, papas turkey, wild rice, cherry tomato's, oranges, and his ultimate favourite is Pomegranate! To be honest I was not sure someone could love pomegranate more than me, but Eli has proved me wrong. I adore the way he sits and picks up each individual seed with pure delight. Now he even says " Pom Pom" and it is always said with the "more" sign. Yes that is pomegranate juice on his face.
He  now climbs up on to chairs, he finally learned to go backward on the stairs oh and has taken up surfing in the dishwasher.
Speaking of dishes, when he gets hungry Elijah has taken to setting the table to speed things up. It drove me crazy, but now looking at a photo of his handiwork, he did a pretty good job considering he could barley reach the table. He did it all on his own and would not stop till the cupboard was empty.
Elijah has also graced us with his cute little voice and started talking!! He has added tree, duck, box, hi, Nate, Zia, more, milk, poop, bye, book, balloon, and squirrel to his vocabulary and can say the sounds meow and mooo. 
Elijah  is much more himself now that he is all healthy! Papa takes all the credit. Elijah loves to honk Papas nose, he applauds after papa sings, he always looked for him in morning, and loved closing the door when papa left. Thanks for taking care of us papa!
Elijah had a great time taking art classes at Gymboree, he loved play dough, painting and story time. Oh and of course the open play gym, he would squeal with delight every time we went. He perfected the plank walk all by himself and was never tentative about climbing on and over any obstacle. He loved all of our Christmas festivities and was so pleased to wake up to the magic of zoo lights, and experience the sheer joy of bacon at the heritage park Christmas brunch. He must be related to Uncle joey.
Elijah still loves books more than anything, and will read non stop, he adores getting new books at the library. He spends the better half of his day pushing books at us, doing his super cute book sign and saying book. Or it is a shove with the book with a whine. 
He is growing up to be quite the little man, and is still sleeping in till 9:26am every morning and does not mind stretching it to a leisurely 10:00pm. not tell anyone with kids that we have to set an alarm and wake him up slowly. We love you.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Music Video

As I can not post any photo's (I am outta space...hopefully I will have it sorted soon) here is a music video from the yoga festival we went to this summer, and Elijah is in it!