Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Good bye Chicago!

We had such a great time in Chicago- The Lincoln Park Zoo, the amazing Children's Museum, Chicago deep dish, all the pretty butterflies at the Nature Museum, the dinosaurs at the Field Museum, more pizza, beautiful buildings, Mexican food galore (and way too much horchata), train rides, bus adventures, huge parks... all that being said, it was great to come back to spring time Vancouver! As a side note can I mention how cute Elijah's bum looks sans diaper?

Friday, 19 April 2013

Waiting for the train

We were standing at the train station in Chicago
 and the train was taking forever...
I said "Where is the train?!"
Then Eli's little voice peeps up "it's hiding'.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Welcome to Chicago!

After a full day of travel we have arrived our artist loft in Chicago.
Old fashioned elevator, endless hallways, art galore,
ladder up into bed...Elijah is loving it.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Easter Festivities

Festive Easter Moments
Making Nonna's Easter Bread for the first time
Clara's amazingly beautiful hand painted eggs
Good Friday at the farm with horses in fancy dress and smiles from ear to ear
My Sisters super yummy baked oatmeal and Dans frothy almond milk
The sheer excitement of all the kids on Easter morning
The way Clara shared so lovingly with the boys
Nathaniel running around screeching so happily while wielding carrots, bunnies,
or repeatedly dumping all the purple Easter grass.
The look on Elijah's face after tasting his first cookie
and how he learned the word so fast!
The twenty degree weather at the 'purple park'
Fluffy cherry blossoms over head
Ladies in spring dresses and hats carrying bouquets of flowers
 Jen's 'tortise pose' on the grass
The bright yellow daffodils everywhere
Walking along the seawall watching the float planes
Riding the Mini Easter Train and possibly being more excited than the kids
Clara telling me that the bunny mascot was possibly the
biggest bunny she has ever seen!
 The kids dancing around singing ring a round the rosie
Walking into the bedroom and Clara is telling the cat all about her Easter
Easter memories of our cousins Brooke and Jayna...
waking up wearing matching p.j's and having too much fun.
Oh Festive Easter Moments!