Saturday, 18 April 2015

Cherry Blossoms...

After getting off the bus we stumbled upon a street that was litterly snowing cherry blossom petals! The kids played in them as if it were a pile of leaves. Vancouver in the Spring is simply unreal. So magical.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

When I took this photo instead of saying cheese Elijah said "skillful egg painting"
"Mom! The Easter bunny must have gone to Shoppers Drug Mart!!"
-Easter eggs and fish eggs all in the same day-
"mmmm....smells like nectar"
-Elijah felt compelled to join a fellow cyclist for a little lay down-
We had a glorious Easter Sunday! Elijah rode his bike from Arbutus and Broadway all the way to Granville Island...not without stopping to smell the flowers on the way. En-route was a pink kite flying festivity and we all happily joined in. After a long day of excitement the kids both fell asleep on the way to dinner, so Dan and I took the liberty to eat a beautiful meal at a swanky restaurant. Okay so the kids ended up eating cold spaghetti and carrot sticks on the bus ride home, but everyone was happy...that's the important part right?