Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Rise and Shine!

We are sleeping three in a bed and we are loving it! Elijah nurses every two to three hours and sleeps soundly in between. He has decided not to let me sleep past 7:30am, he will be wide eyed, moving all about, making all sorts of sounds that translate as "mom lets get up"! As soon as we do he falls fast asleep in my arms. I sometimes try to sneak back in bed but he will promptly wake back up! Okay...I get the point....time to rise and shine.

This is the "wide eyed" look my mom was talking about!

Our happy family in bed...the bed you were born in.
Diaper free and loving it!
  As I was holding Elijah I could hear "smack..smack..smack". What is that sound??

Oh!! You found your big toe to suck on! It was such a cute moment...I love you my little yoga baby!

Thursday, 4 August 2011

...Kutumba is Sanskrit for Family...

Being pregnant was glorious, I loved it. Who could imagine anything more magical. It was a time in life where we were not yet a family but at the same time was no longer just Dan and I. I had someone growing inside of me.

The 40 weeks and 6 days passed quite quickly, and I could then imagine something more magical than being pregnant...the birth of our baby boy. It was July 16th at 2:16 in the morning. A very peaceful morning. We had a wonderful home birth in our little place in Renfrew, attended by two midwives. I loved the experience. You were placed on my belly and I was finally able to meet you on the outside. I was already in love. Welcome to our world Elijah Xavier, all 8 pounds and 2 oz of you!

So peaceful

Your first smile!

We love you!!