Thursday, 4 August 2011

...Kutumba is Sanskrit for Family...

Being pregnant was glorious, I loved it. Who could imagine anything more magical. It was a time in life where we were not yet a family but at the same time was no longer just Dan and I. I had someone growing inside of me.

The 40 weeks and 6 days passed quite quickly, and I could then imagine something more magical than being pregnant...the birth of our baby boy. It was July 16th at 2:16 in the morning. A very peaceful morning. We had a wonderful home birth in our little place in Renfrew, attended by two midwives. I loved the experience. You were placed on my belly and I was finally able to meet you on the outside. I was already in love. Welcome to our world Elijah Xavier, all 8 pounds and 2 oz of you!

So peaceful

Your first smile!

We love you!!


  1. Just looking back over your Mommy's posts this morning. You were such a beautiful newborn Eli! I love you

  2. Looking at you again beautiful! You grew too quickly. Love you.