Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sunshine Coast

We had such a wonderful holiday to the Sunshine Coast! Dan's grandparents came from Edmonton to visit, so we decided to make a trip to the beautiful Roberts Creek. Elijah was beyond excited on the ferry, "moving on boat, mamma...boat moving water".  His words and sentences have just exploded in the last few weeks, so sweet.  We stayed in a very quaint cottage on a beautiful property only a few steps from the beach. We ate great food, enjoyed the amazing surroundings, and got spoiled rotten from a certain you know who. Thanks for a wonderful trip, we miss you already!!!

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Happy Day Dada

Elijah made a wonderful breakfast surprise for his Dada, he left very burnt toast and a soggy rice crispy heart for him while we went out to pick up fancy french pastries. Then we were off to Steveston, a quaint fishing village for some fun...
An older gentleman at the restaurant commended us for our son's great restaurant etiquette, and that we should pat ourselves on the back for doing such a great job...and then take a bow. It was very kind and made us feel kind of awesome.
The waitress gave Elijah and Dan an Oreo cookie. They were both so pleased- you could tell by both of their faces that it was a treat that momma never allows! But hey they are vegan so Elijah is not allergic. Yum yum! 
Dan says that is the best feeling in the whole world when Eli rests his head on his shoulder and hugs him so close.  It makes my heart melt. I feel so fortunate and thankful to have such a wonderful husband who is such a great Dad. I love you.
Happy Day Dada!

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Italian Days!

We had such a blast at the Italian Days festival today! Such amazing food! Dan was pretty thrilled with the espresso over gelato! Elijah loved the live Italian polka music, and he danced up a storm. He was stomping, spinning and doing all sorts of wonderful arm moves. He even drew a bit of a crowd! Clara would have been proud. Perhaps it is from watching his cousins bust a move to Italian tunes in Nonna's living room.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Spanish Banks

Talking to his Zia.
We had a beautiful day today at Spanish Banks, complete with cherries and seaweed snacks. It is amazing how good the sun feels after so much rain! Elijah is getting a little more independent, and it is so fun to watch him explore and play. He has started to curb his sand eating habit, but we are not completely there yet. In time.