Saturday, 26 November 2011

My beautiful boy!

I love how Elijah wakes up in the morning and flaps his arm like a little bird...saying Dad get up!

I love that a lady on the street told me that I have a very proportionate baby...what does that even mean?!

I love his perfect eyebrows and his crazy hat hair!

I love his proud look when he finds his thumb

I love his double 'milk' chin

I love his great fashion sense

I love this video filled with giggles and his insanely long tongue...

Note: if you get my blog via email updates apparently you cannot see the video's so visit the blog to see them!


  1. One picture I'll think WOW! I see soooo much Juli in him and then the next I'll see all Dan. Regardless he's so completly cute!

  2. Oh you are sooo beautiful Eli! I cannot believe how long your hair has grown in a month!

    You look very stylish in your Boob Man top.
    love you