Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Calgary Trip

We had a great trip to Calgary! I was so excited to meet baby Nathaniel...he is so very handsome, and will be romantically tall someday. Oh and he has the softest little cheeks around! I miss his grunts already!

My sister planned a fun Halloween trip to Butterfield Acres for us all when we arrived. We went on a wagon ride in search of some pumpkins to decorate. Clara was great at finding them and Elijah even got his very own pumpkin! What fun!

The next day was Halloween! We decided that we would all go trick-or-treating around Renfrew, it was fairly epic getting three wee ones in costumes, but it was a ton of fun. I loved Clara's creative take on combining her costumes.

Turtle princess Clara

It was a great first Halloween for Elijah and Nathaniel! Well Eli did poop through his costume in the end, Reid had to go home to take dinner out of the oven, Clara was so excited she exhausted herself and Jen decided not to bring the carrier for Nathaniel (because we had to show off the little bear cub)...and had to carry both of them home. I love these wonderful moments of Chaos.

We spent the next few days visiting and relaxing at home. Clara was so excited to hold Elijah, smother him in kisses, try to share her carrots with him, bounce him vigorously in his bouncy chair, and apologize profusely to him for breaking the orange crayon "sorsy baby, I broke the crayon, so sosry baby". Elijah loved all attention and seems a little less jolly without her around.

We had a lovely gathering with Papa's side of the family to celebrate Nathaniel. We had a great spread of food...I even made Toblerone dipped strawberries...mmmm.

It was great to see baby Barrett too! My cousin Carrie dubbed them as "the three amigos", It is amazing to think we all have baby boys that are basically the same age. They are going to have a blast together! They were all hanging out on the couch...looking like baby bats hanging upside down.

We had such a great time. A big thanks to my Sister and Reid for letting me stay with them even though Nathaniel was so meant a lot to me.

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