Tuesday, 6 March 2012

the weekend...

Dan presented his 'nominated' paper at his conference this weekend! My hubby is such a smarty! The three of us attended his banquet dinner overlooking the ocean -so beautiful- Elijah was not so impressed, but I thoroughly enjoyed my three course meal (well mostly the the ice cream pie).

After a short interlude Elijah is back to eating solids, he devoured a mini cucumber and he loves yams and apples. Latley he has been resting his head on the side of his chair and smirking at Dan...so cute.

Oh and we had a great potty day yesterday! Elijah had a dry diaper from early afternoon till 6:00pm, he even had a two hour nap in the stroller and waited until we came home to pee!


  1. Wanna do potty with my next baby???? wowsers.
    AND you look oh so cute...no darling...no glamourous...
    I don't know, but your looking good!