Monday, 21 May 2012

Ten months and Counting...

Elijah is now 10 months old! He has now officially been on the outside as long as he was on the inside! He is busy, busy, busy and his little personality is really starting to unfold.

The month started with a wonderful trip to Calgary, it was great seeing everyone and watching all the wee ones play. Elijah was very excited to meet his very first dog friend Kalu, and thought she was simply amazing! My sister, being the excellent teacher that she is, thought it would be great to teach Elijah how to say dog. She was very persistent! I will admit that he did mumble something that sounded something like dog...but I was not convinced. However when we came back to Vancouver he saw a dog, pointed and clear as day said "DOG". His first word. If I were a dog lover affectionado like my sister perhaps I would have been a tad more excited, but he is also gracing us with "DADA" and now "MAMA", so I am pleased.
He is standing for much longer now, he is strong and sturdy and has an adorable wide stance. We were having a lovely dinner party with the Foxes and he took his first step! Now he is up to four steps, and then quickly dives forward for someone to catch him. Well done little man you are growing so quickly!
Elijah now has four teeth, and sometimes uses them to eat, although I think he prefers paper or cardboard or just plain old water. We think he might also be allergic to apples. Bummer. The doctor said he might outgrow the allergies, so fingers crossed.
He also love to imitate mamma and talk on the phone, or talk to his sock, a block, a shoe, what ever is around. I love the sounds of his babbles.

He has perfected his relaxed floppy arm wave, although he usually waves at random times, rather than for hello or good bye. Oh and he is quite good at peek-a-boo now, and even lifts a blanket up and down to hide himself.  Elijah also is making new noises he clicks, smacks and squeaks...too funny.

He is sleeping for longer stretches at night and he loves to cuddle, he has even graced us with a few lazy day sleep in's. Love you... my sweet wonderful.

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