Thursday, 28 June 2012

Eleven Months and Counting...

Elijah is now eleven months old! I cannot believe he is almost one year old, it goes by so quickly. His hair grows everyday and it starting to curl, he is so handsome.
We love to brush our teeth together, he does his for a bit, then does mine, and then finally I do his. Although sometimes he tries to yank mine out of my mouth and if succesful he paints the mirror with toothpaste.
We have a beautiful park by our new house, and we like going before bed time. Elijah is really starting to play and can go down the slide all by himself ! It is a good way to tire him out before he goes to sleep.
Elijah loves books, he will sit all on his own take a book of the shelf and flip through the pages. He is also more content sitting with me and Dan to read stories now. So sweet.
And for some exciting news...Eli is walking! Each day he took a few more steps, seven, eight, ten, then one day when I was in headstand he was determined to come and get me and took seventeen steps in a row! Now he is fully walking around, turning, and standing back up once he falls down. I watch him in disbelief , all of a sudden he is a little boy. Today he walked over to the bedroom door, opened it, and walked right over to me in the kitchen!
One of Elijah's favorite parts of the day is making esspresso with his Dad. If he hears the grinder, he bolts right over and must be involved. Dan uses it as an excuse to make another coffee.
One of my favorite moments during the day is when Elijah first wakes up from a nap and his head is very heavy, he lifts it up, but has to lie it back down again, up, no back to sleep. It is hard to explain but it is so cute! He also turns around to go off the bed (we have a very low bed) and can now climb on by himself too.
He is stacking blocks, putting lids on containers, brings his finger to his lips and goes ba ba ba ba, fake laughing when we laugh, exploring and getting bigger by the day.
He is pooping in the potty, and I had a full month without changing a poopy diaper (but as I was boasting to a friend he filled his diaper). Sometimes he even walks over to the toliet. With all of his new learning we have missed quite a few pees...but there is always next month!  We are so in love with our chatty little character who never fails to flirt and charm everyone he passes.

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  1. He is just plump full of life isn't he!?!?
    I know it's a cliche, but if I had to define "bundle of joy" I'd just show a picture of Elijah.
    Of course he would be though, with his awesome, full of life parents.