Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Christmas Splendour

Moments of Christmas Splendour
making so many shortbread cookies with Cee Cee
setting up the tree at the Foxes in good ol' Lethbridge
the frosty trees, carollers, and crafts at Heritage park
the sparkly zoo lights
transporting all christmas festivities hereafter to Mexico
watching the kids at the fridge getting carrots for Rudolph
Nona drawing her stocking on the window... 
and Zia Maria laughing SO hard
Christmas eve dinner outside with all the kids in dressed up
oh and Nathaniel's curls, they melt me
everyone singing frosty as the snowman around the table
Papas creative side coming out with Christmas poetry
and the best drawn Christmas tree ever!
the beautiful Mexican crosses from my hubby
the sound of all the new instruments on Christmas morning
and Papa rocking out on a little orange guitar
Reid being so confused why I bought first communion wrapping paper 
(it was in Spanish and I was in a hurry...and it had pretty doves)
Jen waking up at 5am and bursting into our room at 8am
"they are not here yet!"
hearing Renaldo sing "so this is Christmas" 
and Mar and Dad thinking he was just delivering groceries
seeing grandmas face when she found out that hired personal chefs for ALL of Christmas day
mmmm...eating the french toast stuffed with cream cheese and walnuts
Clara's face when opening her sparkly pink shoes
and Elijah always trying to steal them
the big jug of watermelon juice
Everyone relaxed, sunning, pool siding, enjoying each others company
ah moments of Christmas splendour!

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  1. Absolutely wonderful joyous pictures of a super amazing family. I love seeing every single one of them and the smile on my face grew and grew and grew as I shared in the experience vicariously. You all look incredible and I could just hear the music and my mouth was watering at the delicious looking meals and beverages. Love to you all, GGA Carol