Wednesday, 7 August 2013


We have arrived in Strasbourg and we are having a great time! Dan is getting a lot of work done and we are still managing to see lots of sights. Elijah loves it here! He is always asking "What's that sound?" and now he answers his own question with a "Ummmm maybe a..(insert train, motorcycle, air plane, ambu-truck- aka an ambulance). Through this I also realised I say "ummm maybe"- way too much! We took him to Musee Zoologique, and he was beyond excited. He spent so much time looking at all the animals, birds, and insects..."look mamma a butterfly, look dadda a beetle, look, look, look" Zia Jen you would have had a great time with him! We also took a late night stroll down to the Cathedral for the light show, they projected beautiful colored lights on the amazing Gothic Notre Dame Cathedral. Again Elijah was awestruck. On the way home I asked him what his favourite color light was (not expecting a response) "Ummmm maybe blue or red" cute... and they were totally the best colors! 
It has been way too hot here, one day it was 37 degrees, yikes. To cool down we escaped to the huge outdoor pool, we went in the evening as it was too hot during the day. After a few train rides and a bit of a walk we finally found it, suited up and barely got our toes wet when we were being commanded out of the pool by the life guard. Our French is not that good and we were both completely confused as to why we could not enter. Was it too deep? Did Eli need a life Jacket? Did we not properly shower first? Nope, Nope and Nope. It was Dan and his swim shorts. They were not allowed! We looked around to see all the men in speedos or tiny little suits. We tried to explain that is was in fact a swim suit and the fabric was suit material...but he would not have it. We were not allowed in with Dan's "unhygienic" shorts. Out, out, out! Oh seriously we did not come all this way, and pay for the train and pool entrance just to turn around and go home. Luckily Dan was sporting some tight black undies that day, and put them on and Volia! No problem at all! I was pissing myself as Dan uncomfortably slunk into the pool. So now we must go shopping for a sexy new suit for my hubby!

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