Thursday, 2 January 2014

Christmas Splendour

Moments of Christmas Splendour
Hearing Clara's squeal giggle from the door when we arrived.
Seeing Elijah's face when playing in the deep Calgary snow
The cute sound of Nate's voice saying "My cousin"
Having a wonderful visit with Grandma Pat and Grandpa Carl...
the lovely quilts, playing board games, eating good food and setting up the Christmas tree
Seeing my sister's beautiful baby bump (three months behind me...again)!
The kids super excitement at the pet store 
Sledding and snow man making when the weather warmed up
Seeing the wonderful Fox family 
The festive Lethbridge family Christmas in Calgary
Our impromptu dinner party with soooo many guitars being played!!
Asking the kids what there favourite part of Zoo lights were-
Clara- "the beautiful purple lights"
Elijah- " the baby stegosaurus"
Nate- "eating"
Roasting chestnuts 'on an open fire' with Nonna
Papa's pre present opening meditation circle to settle the kids down
The sheer excitement of opening stockings and gifts from Santa
All the kids sneakily eating Nuts and Bolts in Grandma Cee Cee's bed
(a great way to find out Elijah is not allergic to any nuts)
The kids tea party with Grandma Lori behind the couch
Being nine months preggo and eating so much food... when food tastes so good!
Being around family, the kids playing, late nights, Christmas pj's, and memories made
Ahh Moments of Christmas Splendour!

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