Sunday, 17 August 2014

Seven months and counting...

Gavin Luca is seven months old, and well is so super handsome. He now has two bottom teeth that he loves to show off with his wide mouth smiles. Gavin has learned the sign for milk, perfected the face grab, and is back to his super happy self.
We have had a great month swimming, going to the beach and having many summer adventures. Gavin is always up for a whole day out and about, he loves the fresh air, the bus, and chillin' in in the back of the stroller.
Gavin adores eating! So far he has tried yam, pears, butternut squash, peas, barley and brown rice cereal. The squash has been is favourite so far, he even makes 'mmmm' sounds while eating it. Oh and Gavin loves water- so much that he gets a bit frantic, you have to be committed to water time because if you stop or take it away he freaks out.
Gavin is still an early morning riser, it is his time while his brother is asleep to explore and play alone.  He crawls around and plays with Elijah's toys, flips though books and tries to eat them, and screams in delight. By the time Elijah and Daddy are waking up and having breakfast Gavin is going down for his first nap. 
He loves to motor around- he pulls himself along on his belly and pushes with his left foot- he even has a little friction mark on his foot from where he pushes off. I am constantly reminded that I need to mop the floor a bit more throughly. He acts like a little swiffer- squeezing in to all those hard to reach places between chairs, under the couch and coffee table. Then inevitably he will get stuck and whine for someone to get him out. As Elijah would say "where are you going monkey man?" as he pulls Gavin's legs back. He has started climbing, and is trying very hard to push himself up.
Our little dude is using the potty like a champ! Somedays he even crawls toward the bathroom...guys I need to pee! So cute. We love you.

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