Friday, 16 September 2011

A dub dub

We were talking with our landlords and  apparently our bedroom used to be a bar before they renovated it, so we have a counter, shelving and a sink with a big mirror behind it. It is a perfect change station and bath area, Elijah loves to look at himself in the mirror when he gets his diaper changed. He must get that from his Grand Papa! Everyone with a baby needs a sink in their room! Although I am not sure how much longer Elijah's fourteen and a half pound body will squeeze into it's confines. Yes we had him weighed at the meet up group put on by the public health nurses, and he was 14.75 pounds...but he had a cloth diaper and his sleeper on and I was not about to strip him down again. Why? It was our first meeting so I dressed him up all cute in blue cords, a stripy sweater and a little hat, as soon as I took him out of the carrier when we arrived he was soaked in pee. I took all his clothes off, he was screaming and I changed him into the sleeper that was at the bottom of my diaper bag...who knew that it did not fit anymore?? So I squeezed him into it, thankfully it was one without feet! It was a nice introduction..."Hi I am Juli and this is my baby Elijah"...flustered and sweaty with a babe stuffed like a sausage "nice to meet you".

Loving the bath!

Look at his cute!

Elijah in his chicken towel..looking an awful lot like me when I was a babe!
Elijah is two months old today! We will post later on what we were up to on his special day!!

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