Sunday, 4 September 2011

One month and counting...

Six weeks have passed and our beautiful boy has grown so much already! We have been so busy with our big move! Dan  is already in Vancouver, he drove "Megan the red wagon" up the other day with all our stuff. He was the first one to see our place, apparently it is quite nice...we even have a pool! I will fly with Elijah and it will be his first time on a plane. Crazy!
I am sure you would all like to see some photos to see how our beautiful babe has grown over these past weeks.
So cute and so small...only a few days old.

Your first time outside and loving it!

Meeting cousin Barrett for the first time
 My cousin Carrie and I were both due on July 10th our Great Mama Maria's birthday, but that day came and went. Then July 16th rolled around and we both knew the babes would soon arrive, Elijah made his apperance that day and Barrett decided he wanted his own birthday and waited until 12:30am on the 17th!They will always have a special connection!

Your first bath!!

So clean and beautiful!

Elijah and Chelsea at the studio

Sleeping on my tummy

A beautiful feast to celebrate Elijah...thanks Zia!
Daddy holding you in your favorite position
Meeting all the July babies from my midwife group
Chilling with Dad
Well today is my last day in Calgary...I better go pack up! I will blog more often when we are in Vancouver so you can see all the fun things we are up to!!

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