Saturday, 4 February 2012

An epic few weeks!

Phew! Where to start? Elijah has started crawling, not in the traditional sense more of a 'worm pull' but he is quick and motivated. All of a sudden our house is not quite fit for an extremely inquisitive baby. At Sign Language class he ventured off the safety of his own blanket and realised he could explore...lick mats, grab toys, get closer to the teacher, pull hair, roll on other babies. It was so funny, I watched in does this happen so fast?! Perhaps from all of his new exploration he came down with a fever and a rash that I care not to talk about (tear) needless to say we were stuck indoors for a while as to not spreads the germs.

Oh but I got ahead of myself... before he came down with his itchiness and we were confined to home we did venture out for a beautiful walk by the ocean. We strolled around for quite a while and I decided to stop in at a juice place (but I ended up getting a Thai veggie burger and beat salad instead because it was almost the same price as a juice) I sat and ate, played with Eli and talked to the waitress for a bit before putting him back in the stroller and buckling him up. He looked at me with wide eyes held out is hand and did the sign for milk! I totally forgot to feed him...and he told me!! He has done the sign a few times since (once when Dan was showering with him "Dad I am hungry time to get out"). Ha! What a little Angel. Oh and speaking of food we had some great dinners this week...

Who knew that you could pop wonton wrappers into a muffin pan fill with deliciousness (in our case black beans, corn, and red pepper) throw another wonton wrapper on top, sprinkle with cheese, bake for 10 min  and...voila! Perfect little pretty parcels of goodness! Oh and Dan made Za za, right down to the sauce and dough. He is a committed culinary academic.

I lost Elijah's teething necklace just in time for him to cut through two teeth. The right one is coming in a bit quicker and you can see the little pearly white popping through. So cute! Slow down with all the growing we cannot keep up.

Here is a video of Elijah playing...


  1. Eeeeiii,
    I do not like the photo of you crying. It makes me sad to see you sad. I like your makes me giggle to see you play!
    I love you
    See you next week

  2. I love the video! I could watch it over and over again. You are growing up so fast little man!