Friday, 24 February 2012

Seven months and counting...

Elijah is seven months old! What has he been up to? Or should I ask what has he not been up to?! He has grown some fine bottom teeth and he has tested them out and yes they are very sharp.

His hair has grown a ton, it is the best when he first wakes up! He now crawling and getting into the smallest spaces he can find. The other day he decided to take all of our pyjamas out of the shelf and crawl right in. Lately he has been perfecting climbing over things. Gone are the days of staying put.

He loves to eat carrots and cucumber...but we unfortunately found out that he is very allergic to avocado. scary. We will have another doctors appointment to find out what we need to do in that the mean time we are staying far away. Although he does look cute sleeping with socks on his hands (so he does not scratch himself silly), but it makes me sad. tear.

On a happier note he is the funniest clown around and makes me giggle all day! Today he was such a ham...chatting away, trying to pull himself up on everything- the laundry hamper, my suitcase, basically anything that is slightly elevated- with his wobbly knees, like Bambi trying to stand.

I was thrilled that Elijah had his first time in a swing, he loved it! He looked so handsome, the only thing that was missing was Papa singing a song for the whole playground to hear.

He is also being a very big boy and using the potty! On average we catch six pees a day and sometimes even a poop! Dan and I are loving the lack of time we spend at the change table. Today Elijah had a dry diaper from morning till 2:00pm- and he is all the happier for it.

Elijah's best seven moth present was a visit from his cousins!! Although I am going to save those adventures for my next post.

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  1. Oh my goodness! How can he get any cuter?! Give him a smooch for me!