Tuesday, 17 July 2012

1st Birthday...

Our baby is one year old. Crazy.
We had a a party planned for Granville Island Spray park on Sunday....
but it was very rainy so we had a last minute pool party instead.
Elijah had a blast! He was so happy all day, and ate so much food!
Dan and I stayed up till 2:16am Calgary time (Elijah's time of birth) and my hubby served me sips of water through a straw...just like he did when I was in labor.
I might have cried just a little bit.
On Monday (his actual Birthday) we all slept in till 10:30am.
ate breakfast on our deck in the garden
(slept some more)
made a picnic for the park
and had a stellar time blowing the biggest bubbles ever,
playing with the parachute and eating too many cherries.
We love you so much Elijah Xavier.

1 comment:

  1. love the shot of you two under the parachute!
    Happy first birthday Elijah!