Saturday, 28 July 2012

Twelve Months and Counting...

Elijah is now Twelve months old, it seems like yesterday that he was a watermelon snug inside my womb. It seems like only an instant ago that he was an itty bitty baby that I stared at all day long. Seems like only a moment before that he looked back at me with those unfocused newly opened eyes.  
Now he is tromping around and stealing floppy celery out of the fridge.... and spitting little bits on floor. It seems like magic how this little person has unfolded in such a small amount of time. Amazing. He has one new tooth on the bottom left, and another on the top trying to peak out. He has tried some new foods and he loves fish especially trout, but also salmon and snapper. His all time favourite is Kamut Puffs! He cannot get enough of them, seriously we find them everywhere. 
He is loving the independence that walking has given him, and is always on the move. He also would prefer if you did not hold his hand, apparently where ever he is going he would like to go on his own . He also tries to put his own shoes on. Oh and he also is currently  mastering the art of playing the Glockenspiel. Elijah is now signing for water, but after he takes a drink he keeps his mouth open so most of it ends up down his shirt.
We were at the library looking at books and he did the sign for potty, and so I took him and he peed! We are thrilled with this sign, and he has used it with success a few times now. So great. He also learned the sign for finished. Today he used it when Dan was changing him into his p.j's- okay dad I am done here. Speaking of bedtime Eli will only let Dad put him to bed now (a welcome change from the previous 11 months), and they read and sing until sweet slumber. His favourite books are In a people house and I'll teach my dog 100 words and his favourite song is On top of Spaghetti.  If Dan stops singing it, Eli will clap -like he is saying- come on Dad keep going. Too cute.
Eli is also making this ridiculous squinty face before we try to take a photo of him, apparently he is preparing himself for our flash. I have way too many photos of him doing this. Oh and he has really started dancing, he pumps his arms up in the air just like Clara. He has fallen in love with music and claps along happily.
Wow Twelve months have flown by. You are still our same happy busy baby....hmm toddler? When do they get that title? Not yet right??
We love you.


  1. How did that year fly by?! Elijah looks like such a fun little guy and his hair kills me! He is just so cute and you and Dan must be the most amazing parents. Hope all is well!

  2. Love, love love this post! Oh I remember when you were a little watermelon! How have I never seen this photo?! I love it. Your Momma had such an amazing bellybutton!

    You look just like your cousin Clara in the 'cheese' photo.

    I love you little man! Happy 12 months!
    See you soon