Thursday, 16 August 2012


Moments from our glorious camping trip...
Eating pancakes and pupusas hot from the grill
Eli looking so smooshed in his lifejacket
Dan waking up at the crack of dawn to enjoy some play-dough time with Clara
When Jen and Marie finally invited me to brush my teeth with them
Dan Wakeboarding
Eating way too many smores and making banana boats
Seeing faces of those I miss
Deciding to go to Joe and Cathy's cabin just in time for a huge storm
Dad's potato stoppers
My sisters super packing so we had anything and everything we needed
Reid's awesome firewood haulling
Seeing a shooting star
Oh and when Dan burnt all the veggie dogs.


  1. Sister, will you come brush your teeth with me tonight? I love you!

  2. Your face when Dan burnt the veggie dogs was priceless! I will remember it forever.

  3. Juli, your hair looks amazing! Love it!

  4. you cut your hair!!!!! It still looks amazingly beautiful. Long short, those dark curls are stunning...even camping!