Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Thirteen Months and Hilarious!

Elijah is thirteen months old, and what a guy he is! He always finds that patch of dirt, his shoes are always filled with sand, and if the door is only slightly open he will find a way out.
His new found love are stairs, and the bigger the better. There is no turning around or sitting on his bum, he would prefer to go straight off and absolutely no hand holding!
He also loves watching Dan and I do headstands, now whenever we say "headstand" he flips upside down to do his own (okay so it is more of a downward dog). It is always followed by an applause...if not from us he does it for himself. He loves clapping for all his accomplishments.
Elijah loves cupboards, drawers and anything kitchen, he is getting quite domestic and loves to vacuum, sweep, and hold the dust pan. Sometimes we even leave the vacuum on, if not he makes the sound on his own "mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm".
Up until this month we had a swanky wood booster chair for Elijah so he could eat at the table with us, but after trying out Nate's awesome chair when we were camping he was hooked. Who knew that all we needed was a $30 plastic chair with a tray and our child would embrace eating like never before. Okay maybe he was just ready. For the first time ever he is eating three meals a day, and is actually ingesting a substantial amount!
One of his favourites is fish roe sushi. He loves pasta, green beans, tomatoes, black beans, plums, apricots, chickpeas, peas, red pepper, broccoli, and bread (just like his dad). 
Elijah is now signing "dad" "help me" "baby" "fish" and "bird" and of course the sign for "Zia" is the sign for phone. Clara had the same sign for me. Perhaps my sister and I talk on the phone a bit much! Ha. He loves to scream and graces us with many different variations during the day.
He has had a great month for pooping and peeing in the potty. Now, after he pees, he wants to wipe (just like mommy). He rips off tiny pieces of toilet paper, gives a little wipe and throws them into the toilet. This success would be much more appreciated if it did not lead to a complete fascination with the toilet and a need to stick his hand in it. yuck. If it is too quiet we know exactly where to find him.
He loves being outside. He loves to walk and explore in his bare feet. Today I noticed his first scrape on his elbow which made me think he is growing up already.
Tonight Dan and Elijah popped bubble wrap and he giggled so hard and so long. I love that sound, (his laughter not the bubble wrap).

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  1. That second spaghetti picture is one of the best kid pictures I think I've ever scene!!!!