Monday, 14 October 2013

Happy 30th...

Dan's Birthday started on Friday with a clue 'Drink a coffee from your new mug...then go get the suitcase...we have to be at the airport by 1pm' He was stoked! Visions of far away islands, a trip to Vegas? We quickly packed and headed off. Apparently he started to get suspicious when I did not pack the toothbrushes "you NEVER forget the toothbrushes". Then he was really on to me when we went to arrivals instead of departures. We waited at the gate for his mystery guest. He was super surprised when his mom showed up. Next clue was in our suitcase 'Surprise weekend road trip! Your mom is taking Eli for the weekend'. I told him we were going to have a nice quiet dinner at home with his mom and leave in the morning.  Then 6:00pm rolled around and the door buzzer went off he answered the phone... "UPS"... he buzzed them up. Then all his friends came to the door "SURPRISE"!! I had planned a potluck party for him and he had no idea!!
Then the next clue was in the morning  'bring the passports we are off to America'.
We drove to Bellingham and stayed in a beautiful chalet in the woods, it was so quiet. The first day we visited the farmers market and ate yummy Ethiopian food, went to the most amazing apple orchard that had the biggest pumpkin patch ever,  and in the evening we dressed up and went to a late night dinner jazz show. 
In the morning we slept in, watched a movie, then went for a Creole brunch complete with shrimp and grits, crawfish scramble, and for dessert Beignets. So good. We walked that all off around a beautiful park with an amazing waterfall. Then ate horchata popsicles around the historic district, did some American grocery shopping to take home, bought Dan some new clothes, and had another late night dinner at a brew pub- anything on a pretzel bun is so delicious!
It was our first time away without Eli, we did not need to pay attention to the time, ate whenever we felt like it, and slept SO hard. We cannot thank you enough Gramma Sandie!

Oh and Elijah surprised us with this beautiful artwork when we came home!
He made the elephant one for Daddy's Birthday then told Gramma he needed to make one for Mommy too!! So Sweet!

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