Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Elijah what do you want to be for Halloween?
"A carousel keeper"
Hmmm how will I make that?!
What else could you be?
"A tiger"
Fun I could work with that...but...then
Dan took Elijah out and they found a dinosaur costume, Eli had to have it!
So I swallowed my pride, and had a Super Happy toddler that had a store bought costume.
Oh and I bought him some festive skeleton pyjamas and ...
"Mom I am a dinosaur fossil! Look at all my bones!!"
So he was a dinosaur fossil underneath his dinosaur costume.
Happy as can be.
We had a super fun night in Burnaby!
 It started with some trick-or-treating, we even hit up the fire station and police hall. Then  a pit stop for some yummy Vietnamese food. Followed by a super fun adventure to the miniature railway!
We chugged around on real tiny steam engines,
and Elijah was beyond excited.
"Hello Mr. Conductor Man!! My name is Eli"
"These trains are too much fun!"
We finished it off by having hot chocolate and pumpkin cookies inside the train station,
which would have warmed us up if it was actually cold!
He fell sound asleep on the journey home.
My little dinosaur fossil who loves fire trucks, trains, and lemongrass chicken.

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