Sunday, 10 November 2013

Autumn Days...

We have been enjoying the nice sunny Autumn days  and spending lots of time outside. We had a great walk down to Southlands farm, I love that we live so close! We are really working on our pronunciation of the word 'horse' and that they live in STABLES because Elijah keeps telling everyone that he wants to go see the whores, and that he wants to go to the whore house, feed the whores, put his hand out for the.... HORSE not WHORES!  
Elijah has been super sweet and is excited for his baby to come in January. He read my belly a Thomas book...word for word, he is getting really good at memorising books. Oh and the other day he said "Mommy are you so tired? I will bring you a warm cup of tea" and came over with a little pink tea cup from his kitchen. Melt. He loves to take his baby doll for a walk outside and pushes his little stroller everywhere. I love that it keeps him focused, and we can walk so much further. Oh and the wings? Also his idea.

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