Monday, 10 March 2014

From the Mouth of Babes.

From the Mouth of Elijah

Elijah asks me in the morning... "Mom can I watch a show?" No, we only watch shows when mommy is making dinner..."Mommy can you make dinner?"

When asking Eli what is on his shirt.."A surfing inja" (ninja)

Eli is screaming out the window "UNCLE RIED, UNCLE REID...UNCLE REID" Eli what are you doing? "Never mind he is not there, I will ask him tomorrow"

When playing with his felt board..."I am feeding the die-a-whore (dinosaur) asparagus, and I am going to make him a coffee"...then he proceeds to his play kitchen and pretends to make a coffee in the felt mug cut out.

"Oh I forgot baby Gavin"....running in to the room where Gavin is sleeping.

We are reading a page in Richard Scarry with pictures of different professions on it. I ask him what he wants to be when he grows up. "A train man-ductor (conductor), or an airline pilot" "What do you want to be mom? A wife? and he points to a illustration of a teacher.

I tell Elijah to get his hands out of his mouth and he puts them right back in. Elijah how many times do I have to ask you to get your hands out of your mouth? He looks right at me..."Three"

When smelling Gavin's head..."mmmm he smells like potatoes" He says it all the time! Sometimes it is... "mmm he smells like chicken and potatoes"

He walks over with a book and asks me to read it, I am talking with Dan and do not answer "Mom do you want to read this book, YES OR NO?"

Vancouver had a random epic snowfall (where the snow actually stayed on the ground) Elijah woke up in the morning and looked out the window..."This snow must have come from Papa's house"

Gavin puked all over the bed and Eli looked at me wide eyed "Oh man, he made a HUGE mess"

And I have just been loving his over politeness... He asked me for some of my cereal and I put a few scoops in his bowl 'Oh thank you so much for sharing your cereal, that was very nice of you to do that mom" 

My favourite one so far:
We have a new friend over and she is asking us about Elijah's avocado allergy, then she tells us that she is lucky that she does not have any allergies but her husband is allergic to cats. We continue chatting and Eli is staring at us completely perplexed...
"HE EATS CATS?!" We try to explain that you can have other allergies other than food...but he is beside himself "Mom he eats cats!!" 

Me laughing at this funny kid..while painting his toenails pink...while he wears one of the hair clips I made. He cracks me up. 

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