Friday, 14 March 2014

Two months and counting...

Gavin Luca turned two months old on Papa's birthday (and Zia Jen's half birthday)! His eyes are still blue, and they have the beautiful dark blue ring around them just like daddy. Oh Swoon.
Gavin is so super smiley and makes the cutest happy sounds all day...whooo..ahhh..cooo...He has me and Dan talking in the worst baby voices because we always get a smile for it. Ohhh and he even smiles in his sleep.
 He is still giving us the best half smirk ever!
Elijah always makes me sing the kokkaburra song to Gavin and now he always refers to him as Gavinlucaburra, it is too cute! "Gavin Luca burra sits in the old gum tree..."
Gavin is a great sleeper, and we have very peaceful nights together. We are so blessed that this happy little soul has become a part of our family...we are finally getting in the grove of life with two little ones and it is just wonderful! 
Oh and those perfect lips...I just want to smooch them all day... We love you little Gavin..

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  1. How sweet he is. My goodness you have beautiful kidlets. Wonderful Mom you are Miss Juli 😊