Saturday, 5 April 2014

Happy Colorful Moments...

Sushi Burrito Night...we have not done one of these in a while since sushi is so cheap here.  For those of you who are unfamiliar- you get a full nori sheet, fill with yumminess, roll and eat. No cutting, no precision, nothing dainty, requires large wasabi soy sauce dipping dish.  Yum.

Elijah's artful crab-like creature. This is made on his cool magnetic shape board, that he is loving! Such a wonderful toy- thanks Grandma Sandie!

Dan and Elijah's epic train track construction- not sure who enjoy's it more...but I do know the box we store it in is getting progressively larger.

My stripy boys cuddling...such sweetness!

Dans pizza- yumm yummm.

Elijah's little town he made,  I love how original it is. He told me all about it- there is the fish market, over there is the cute.

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