Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Three months and Counting...

Time is going so quickly and our little guy is already three months old...he is just the sweetest! He will give you the biggest brightest smile just for looking at him! 
He is making even more sounds and is super chatty. After I nurse him he just stares at me and  coo's in delight. I love his long "ahhhhh"  when he is sitting in his bouncy chair. I love that when he is upset around his eyes turn a bit red...and looks at you like "I won't cry but I am upset". So calm.
But the best thing ever is his giggles. Mostly he laugh's at his Dad...because apparently he is hilarious! They just melt me those dimples and giggles.  Well you can watch the video and see for yourself...ENJOY!
          Laugh Gavin Luca Laugh from Juli on Vimeo.
We love you little Gavi...these past three months have been so amazing.

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