Tuesday, 8 July 2014

From the Mouths of Babes.

"Mom this is the funnest thing I have ever done!"

From the Mouth of Elijah

Putting on a pair of free sunglasses we got at the fair "These are my art project glasses, I am going to wear them forever!"

Dan and Elijah were leaving and he yelled to me from the door "okay mom we are going to the pool, make sure to call us if you need anything"

I went to MAC to buy some red lipstick for our anniversary and I tried some on and then wiped it off. Elijah started bawling - seriously huge crocodile tears down his face "mommmy no!!! I want you to have red lips!!!" 
On our anniversary a few days later "Mom you look soooo beautiful with red lips, I love you with red lips"
Then about two weeks after that...
"I have a great idea, today lets take the train to the lipstick store and you can pick out a new colour of lipstick. That would be fun...right?" 

"I love you mom, Happy Birthday" (he has been continusly wishing me a happy birthday with an I love you...because I melted when he told me that on my actual birthday)

Dan picked him up to carry him away from something "Dad this is not acceptable, put me down!"

We were reading a Richard Scarry book "Mom what is that?" (pointing to a picture of Huckle Cat with a mummy) It is an Egyptian mummy "No, no, Huckle already has a mommy at home" (and points to Huckles Mom)

He was busy putting together his underwater sea puzzle. "Mom I cannot find the Orca fin" Look beside the seaweed piece. "Oh thanks mom, you are such a good helper"

We were pretending to camp under the bed sheet and Elijah suddenly left and came back with the pads that I took out from my new bra "Okay mom I have some marshmallows to roast for our campfire"

"Mom we really need to go back to Grandma Sandie's house" 
How come? do you miss her? 
"She has the BEST popsicles, the mango ones and the raspberry...they were so good!"

Speaking of popsicles. Elijah wanted to mail a letter to his little friend Annabelle, so he painted her a postcard. I was writing the message for him on the back. What do you want to say?
"Hello Annabelle. I have a popsicle maker...so maybe sometime you would like to come over for a popsicle?

Elijah was laying on his brother and I was just about to tell him 
to stop "It's okay, I was just joking' mom"

Pointing to little green monsters on his under wear "These are my bok choy undies" 

I was reading Elijah his dinosaur book - and after I attempted (incorrectly) to pronounce Quetzalcoatlus he said "no, no mom that is not right" so I tried again "No mom...it is KWET-zal-koh-AT-lus" 
Okay so he was right. Whatever. 

Standing up in the buff  and pointing down below "Look mom I have tentacles"

"Look mom...now I can feed Gavin"


  1. I my, I laughed until I almost peed myself. What a wonderful child. The world is so awesome and pure through the eyes of a child. Elija - You are so loved from afar. My day will be so awesome because of the joy you brought to my heart. What a wonderful Mom you are!!!!!

  2. Oh man you make me smile and laugh Eli! I love how it is the funnest thing you have ever done and you have a straight face. Your Mommy does look beautiful with lipstick. Thank-you for making me laugh out loud tonight...bok choy undies, tentacles, and marshmellows! You are so smart. I miss you!