Saturday, 26 July 2014

Six Months and Counting...

Our little Gavin is six months old and he has changed so much! He has sprouted his first tooth on the bottom right, so he has been a tad bit fussy. Well fussy for him, because he is such a chill baby. Oh how I am going to miss that gummy smile! 
He has also decided to start crawling! What?! Oh how your world changes when your baby starts to crawl. And he is so fast now! He frantically wants to get to everything...oh look at that train I want to shove it in my mouth, oh a pot lid...that looks loud I will bang it, oh whats that over there? Let me pull it down! Elijah thinks it is pretty funny "silly baby, don't put that in your mouth"! 
This is a video of the first time he discovered how to move, now he has the hang of it and boy can he cruise! 
Gavin also went swimming for the first time, he loves it! It is wonderful that we have a pool right across the street- during the hot spell we went every evening, it was a great way to get Gavi to fall fast asleep. 
Oh and he definitely has a predictable schedule. He wakes up every morning around 5:30am, I take him to the potty and he has a big pee and a poop (yah to hardly changing any poopy diapers this month, nay to waking up that early)!! Then he wants to try out all his new skills- rolling, sitting, worm crawling, then he is super relaxed and ready for his first nap about an hour and a half later.
You are such a sweet babe. I fall more and more in love with you each day. You are such a wonderful gift.  I love your puffy morning eyes, your sudden happy screams,  I love when you attack my face and try to eat my nose, and I love your super serious pursed lip splashing in the pool face.

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