Saturday, 20 September 2014

Eight Months and Counting...

Gavin Luca is eight months old! He is a crazy little baby now! Gavin loves to eat, he is quite excited to move away from purees and eat some chunkier food and he still goes insane for water. Sometimes he gets so frantic when he is eating we are not sure if he is super hungry or completely done. 
He is now pulling himself up to standing- everywhere and anywhere- if you open the dishwasher he can be anywhere in the house and he will bust a move there so fast, he loves to pull himself up on the couch when we read to Eli and he likes to stand at the bookshelf and pull all the toys and books off.  
Unfortunately he has also taken a keen interest in pulling himself up on the toilet and splashing in the water, ahhh super yuck. We have to be so careful to close the bathroom doors otherwise, just like the dishwasher he will be there in an instant. The hard part is he always makes this super proud face- look what I did!
Gavin has started to crawl on all fours now...but still prefers his belly crawl foot push crawl for speed. He still wakes up way too early and loves to scream when he is content. 
He loves to pull his brothers hair, reach his hand up to the sky, and point with his index finger (Elijah always says "I love that finger thing he does"). He has started crying with his mouth closed and makes the saddest little face.  Oh and we have had a great month with the potty and I have not had to change any poopy diapers- so nice!  
Gavin's hair has filled in more and little curls are starting to form at the nape of his neck. He is aways super smiley and quick to giggles...good thing he is so flipping cute because he does not sleep!
We love you handsome!

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