Sunday, 19 October 2014

Nine months and counting...

Gavin Luca is nine months old and is so busy! He has sprouted a shiny new top tooth and is a little biter. Oh and ignore the scrape on his face- it was a sleeping injury! It actually rubbed on the carrier when he was fast asleep...poor lil guy.
He has moved on from purees to cut up pieces of what we are eating, and is much more content now during meals. Gavin is very interested in new foods, textures and spices. His favourites this month have been blueberries and lamb. He is perfecting his little pincer cute. 
Gavin is now standing all by himself! He can even get up from sitting! Man oh man, he is such a busy little thing. If I nurse him on the left side of the couch he will get distracted and knock the lamp over. If a phone is nearby he will go bonkers to get his hands on it. He goes through the cupboards and pulls everything out, he gets into anything he can and quickly! Whenever he gets into the pantry where our trash can is Eli always says "get out of the garbage racoon"!
He does the best squat ever to get to standing. It must have been all those leg exercises he did as a newborn.
Gavin thinks his brother is the funnest guy ever and gets into the best gigging fits, he is such a happy soul.  Oh and he has finally kicked his 5:30am habit. Phew. That is way too early.
Love you Angel.

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