Friday, 7 November 2014

Color Discovery...

Today Elijah discovered some coloured vellum paper in the craft box and was holding them up to his eyes, he was amazed that everything changed to that color. Then he started overlapping the paper to make new colors, he was so excited when he mixed blue and red "look mom! I made the night sky. Then "MOM MOM!! Blue and yellow make GREEN, I made GREEN"!  So then we had the idea to make little looking windows, Elijah helped cut out the shapes and tape the sticks. Then he insisted that we go outside right away to observe and explore. Then my little scientist lined up his new tools and went to work observing mushrooms, flowers, and the sky. He also made a little rock "dinosaur museum" and thought it looked quite good in blue. He was totally in his element. I love you lil' dude.

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  1. Juli - this is absolutely fantastic!!!! How awesome. I truly felt his excitement and awe. You are such a great Mom. Elijah - you rock - I love to read about the awesome things you do and how you experience this wonderful world. Hugs dear boy.