Saturday, 22 November 2014

Ten months and counting...

Gavin Luca is ten months old! The time is going by way too quickly. He is such a chatty boy- he loves to say "DA DA DA DA DA" and his token grunt "AH AH AHHH" and now he is even trying to say Elijah! It is not even close but it is so cute.
He is still as busy as ever! He is obsessed with the broom, and the recycling. Gavin also loves to play with his nesting blocks, the west jet airplane, and the green tractor. He plays on his own so contently, zooming things around sitting on his knees. He thinks stuffed animals are hilarious and puppets making him giggle every time. 
Quite often he will have a toy sticking out of his mouth crawling around and grunting, but his favourite is this yellow tube and it makes his grunts even louder. It sounds hilarious!
He still loves eating! I just adore the sound of him when he really likes something "OM NOM NOM". He also loves to show you his food and clap for himself. If he is thirsty he will kick his legs frantically so his seat bangs on the chair, and occasionally he will do the sign for water...but he prefers the  kicking method.
He is standing very strong and will cruise around with the walker, I think he may grace us with a few steps soon! For now he prefers his fast crawl with his loud hand smacks- you can hear him coming- WAP WAP WAP.
At night Gavin joins his big brother for story time and falls soundly asleep in Dads arms, then Dan carries him to bed. So sweet. I love the new routine. Yeah Daddy!
We love you.

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