Thursday, 5 February 2015

Ahhh Mexico...

It was a long hot walk into town with two double strollers, but magical none the less. We were always rewarded with a Popsicle (if it was a weekend and the amazing Popsicle guy was working), a dip in the ocean or some amazing seafood. When we would come back home there was always a surprise waiting for us, usually from the cat. Perhaps it would be a giant half eaten blue lizard, some frog guts or plumage from a what seemed to be a beautiful bird. Once on our chair outside our bedroom (where my sister had innocently been collecting sticks, coral and pretty shells) Dan spotted a thick web and leaned in for a closer look and saw a big hairy tarantula. At this point in our trip it was no big deal, my fearless husband moved aside Gavin's swim diaper (that was uncomfortable close to the new terrarium we had inadvertently built) picked up the chair walked it to the edge of the yard and chased it into the bushes with a stick. This rural life sans vehicle all ended when Uncle Reid arrived in his shiny new rental car and we all piled in (this is not an understatement) and he took us into the big city! Where popsicles were an everyday convenience, the kids got to ride a carousel and plenty of fun to be had.

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