Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Valentines day...

Dan and the kids surprised me with the most amazing Valentine, all of their hands doing the 'I love you' sign. Melt. We ventured downtown and had a lovely day downtown skating at Robson Square. A mass group wedding was going on while we were skating - so much love, clapping and happy newlyweds! After, we went into chapters to use the bathroom and there was a huge American doll section (including a hair salon and spa for dolls) crazy right?! Elijah seemed unfazed by the whole thing and walked right through until he came across a doll in a wheelchair. He stopped, carefully took her off the shelf, adjusted her feet back onto the foot rests and took her for a little spin. He said nothing and returned her to the shelf ever so gently and continued to walk. Such a sweet boy. Both the kids were so tired from the day that they both fell asleep and so Dan and I took the opportunity to enjoy an amazing mango hot chocolate at Hotel Georgia. A perfect love day.

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