Sunday, 2 August 2015

July 16th 2015

On Elijah's Day of birth we had an amazing excursion to the Archeology Lab, thanks to our awesome friend Megan!! In the morning we told him where we were going and he was so excited! "Mom I need to go find my green magnifying glass!" Elijah loved that we needed key cards to enter all the rooms, it was very official. They took out a dog skeleton and he was in his glory "hmmm....this is also a shoulder blade...let's see if we can put it together like a puzzle". After all the centrifuge spinning, bone cutting, chemical mixing excitement we made our way to the patio for a snack. It was decorated with massive balloons "MOM! THEY DECORATED FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!" It was actually for Jean Chr├ętien...but we let him think it was for him. We basked in the sun with some muffins, a glorious view and my little four year old who cannot wait for university. I love you.

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