Monday, 27 June 2016

Pélerinage Gitan des Saintes Maries -- day two

On the second day of the pilgrimage the statues of Marie-Jacobé and Marie-Salomé were also carried down to the shore. Legend has it that they were sent in a boat from Palestine equipped without sails and destined to perish. Miraculously they made it across the Mediterranean Sea, washing ashore at Sainte-Maries-de-la-Mer (which is where the town gets it name). It was another beautiful procession and the crowd was much smaller so it made for a nice relaxed day. The kids loved the wooden organ that had a bunch of little dogs sitting on it, Elijah put money in the box and the man turned the crank and it played music. They stood in awe for quite some time, and took quite a bit of cajoling to move on. While we were watching the procession there was a group of old style wooden caravans next to us, and the kids fell in love with the pony 'Abel' who pulls one of the caravans. Elijah ended up meeting the daughter who grew up in that caravan and talked her ear off, he was so excited to meet a new friend and has decided that we need to go visit her one day. We spent the rest of the day listening to some more amazing music, playing on the beach and visiting the market one last time (Gavi loved those sparkly shoes)! We went back to the campsite and the kids were in awe as a full pig was roasted on a spit over a huge fire "mom we should eat with them!"  I know right?!

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