Monday, 27 June 2016


So there was technically one more day of the festival, but the kids were really wanting to go to the beach and explore (and let's be honest the thought of bulls running in the street kind of petrified me) so we headed to the beach with our shovels and yogurt buckets. After some good playing and chocolate ice cream we hopped in the car and took a drive to the salt flats, it was so beautiful.  Elijah went straight into Archeology mode, fashioned some tools and went to work "mom this is hard work out here in the sun, but someone has to do it" he could have stayed there all week,  he actually teared up when it was time to leave. On our way home we stopped to see some beautiful horses on the side of the road, when I pulled out my camera out they all galloped toward me--movie style--Gavin was so excited. Then we drove pass some bulls (at a distance I prefer) and then a bunch of flamingos...this is when I lost my much excitement!!! Elijah then piped up from the back seat "this is so cool, I never knew we were going on a safari!!" Right?! Then just when I thought things could not possibly get more exciting... the friends Elijah met were driving home in their horse drawn caravan and we passed them!! The kids thought it was so cool to see them on the road! What a day!

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