Thursday, 21 July 2016

Montseny, Spain

I am finally catching up on blogging the rest of our trip...better late than never right? After we left the Camargue we decided on a whim to drive to Spain, how could we not? It was so close! We booked the place the night before and off we went. The drive there was stunning, we drove along the Mediterranean and soon the sea gave way to the mountains. The hillsides were covered in lush trees, and would occasionally open up to quaint little towns of stone with majestic castles and towers straight out of a history book. When we finally made it Angelina had to chug up a very steep mountain to reach the house. When we arrived we were greeted by the owners, who told us the house was nine hundred years old and was built roughly around the same time as the castle on a neighbouring hilltop. We shared the next few days with the family and had such an amazing time, we ventured out a few times to explore the beautiful towns nearby but mostly hung around the house. The kids had a blast digging in the garden, watching the stars in the dark night sky, tea parties, mattress jumping, chess playing, shared meals, music playing, fires in the kitchen and playing outside all day everyday. Elijah told me "Mom I really love living on the mountain side" too!

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