Monday, 22 August 2016


We took a trip to a violin luthier here in Strasbourg to rent a violin for Elijah. When we arrived a lady fitted him for a violin, showed him how to tighten and loosen the bow and how to put it away in the case. Elijah was so excited and held the violin so proudly. The lady noticed his enthusiasm and offered to show us around the workshop, it was so beautiful. We toured each room as she explained to us in detail how the instruments were made- from choosing the wood to stringing the bow with horse hair! Eli was stoked, as he has quite a love for how things are made! We signed our rental papers and Elijah set off with his violin case in hand as happy as could be, he did not want to put it down and insisted on holding it on his lap for the car ride home.
The other day when I was dozing off on the couch Elijah asked me where his markers were, I had no idea (and I did not want to get up) so he ended up finding a tiny red pencil crayon to work on his project. When I woke up from my nap he showed me page after page of  "music notes" that he wrote in his note book. "Look mom, I wrote down all the music so now I can play my violin" he then proceed by taking out his violin, looking at his notebook intensely and began to play as if he was reading the music! 

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