Sunday, 16 October 2011

Three months and counting at the Apple Festival

We spent Elijah's three month Birthday at the Apple Festival! What fun! It was at the UBC Botanical gardens, and it was a glorious day. We decided to venture there on our own as Dad was busily writing a paper. Funny now once I think of it, we went to the university on Elijah's two month birthday as well!

Elijah woke up from a nap to see these ladies doing a jig and he was quite enthralled. We moved on to the apple tasting tent where you could taste 60 varieties of new and heritage apples grown in British Columbia. I would have loved that when I was pregnant...I could not get enough apples.

I spent some extra time watching the young Circus West Performers, It was great to see the group of them on unicycles happily riding down a shale path hill! I will try to teach Elijah that Circus is simply the best, and perhaps he will naturally want to be involved at a tender age (they start classes at five). Or is that living vicariously through my child? When I was in London I would have loved  to go to Circus School after Mime school -if it was not so darn expensive for International students- hmm I digress.

They had another tent with a display of 200 apple varieties and demonstrations of grafting and cider-pressing. It is amazing that so many apples are grown here, the white gloved apple lady would be in her glory. Who is she? Perhaps if you have an apple tree in Calgary she will come to visit.

All the festivities left my little man pretty tired and he slept soundly on the bus all the way home. I was pretty tired too, but eating an entire bag of dried apples perked me right up.


  1. The white gloved apple lady...where has she been?

  2. she would love the apple festival!