Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Bursting with excitment!

Today is a simply wonderful day!! As some may not know yet -and- it is not my news to share... I will spare all the amazing details...but I am bursting that I am a Zia once again! Eeeek...Auntie status rocks!! Yippee! Okay that is all I will say. Who can sleep with such excitement?!

It has been great weather here, clear sky's and no rain...so I have made the most out of the pre "winter" weather and vowed to go out and do something interesting each day. I am convinced Elijah loves our Autumn outings, and when we dwell too long at home he looks longingly up to the window like he is saying "take me outside". I listen.

On Thursday we had a lovely dinner date with some Oceanographers and had some of the best Hummus ever...mmm...Friday we went to East Van and perused the coolest fabric and craft shops.

Saturday we ventured out the Fall York House School Market...how crazy are private schools? It looked more like a fancy upscale Art Museum. I peeked into the music room and it was filled with steel drums, bongos, guitars, sound equipment and not a single handbell or recorder in sight.

Yes, I planned our matching outfits.

Sunday we celebrated Diwali (Indian Festival of Light) at the Roundhouse theatre. Elijah needed to experience loud Indian music, sparkly dresses and hear the glorious sound of a harmonium. 

Oh and we passed a $5.95 sushi place...who can pass that up? They are practically giving it away.

What a fabulous day! I am way to excited to sleep!


  1. You are just "fitting" in Vancouver huh! (us poor Lethbridgers are never gonna get you back!)

  2. Looks like you are having WAY too much fun...ummm, how were the fabric shops?!